Double XP Boost are items used in DragonVale to level up a player's park faster.

See Experience on which tasks will earn experience.

Buying Double XP Boost in the Market

Double XP Boost can be purchased with gems via the in-game market, within the Treasure sub-section. As with all in-app purchases in DragonVale World, there are incentives to spend more on the purchase by providing more items per dollar in each successive spending bracket.

Note that the purchase of these, as well as the other treasures in DragonVale World, is NOT necessary to experience full gameplay. The purchases only function to speed up the player's progress.

Double XP Boost Prices

Double XP Boost can be purchased for:

Name Duration Price
Small XP Boost 3 Hours Gem template 25
Medium XP Boost 6 Hours Gem template 40
Large XP Boost 12 Hours Gem template 75



  • XP Boosts only last for certain hours in Dragonvale World as opposed to Dragonvale, where they lasted for certain days.

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