Description: The wandering wizard Glenn Yuri needs you help collecting Magical Essence to power his ship! Here, you can play games and complete dragon challenges to earn Magic Essence for fantastic prizes sourced from Glenn's travels. The Extravaganz is your one-stop shop!

The Extravaganza Headquarters was located where the Fountain of Mystery was prior to the start of the Exploration Extravaganza on the NPC expansion.

Options when tapping on the Extravaganza Headquarters were:

  • "Buy Magic Essence"
    • This allowed players to go to a menu where real money could be used to purchase Magical Essence
  • "Buy Prizes"
    • This allowed players a short cut to a special part of the market where all the event prizes were listed and could be purchased with Magical Essence
  • "Adventures"
    • This allowed players to send dragons on Adventures up to three times a day. It would require a specific dragon and for the dragon to be at least a certain level. Adventures could be completed three times a currency collection cycle.
  • "Games"
    • This allowed players to play games to have a chance to earn Magical Essence, DragonCash, Experience, or Food. If the player reached the daily max event currency maximum any spots originally meant for Magical Essence would turn into additonal food spots as game prizes.
    • The games consisted of Wheel of Chance and Dragon Drop, and any combination of the two could be played up to 10 times per day via ten tickets granted to the player each day at the event currency collection reset.
  • "info"
    • This allowed players to read the description of the Extravaganza Headquarters along with how much Magical Essence was collected so far out of the daily max. If the player reached the daily max already a countdown would show until the player could collect more at the event currency collection reset.

Release History

Release Removal
December 14, 2016 January 17, 2017



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