Gathering is the action of obtaining items to fill in the Arcane Airship.  Items players gather are placed in Storage until they are used to fill the airship.

Gathering to build inventory in Storage: Filling the Airship in the time allotted can be challenging unless you have a good stock of items in storage. There are two ways to gather items for storage or immediate use.  

  1. Send Dragons to gather items. From the left side menu, tap "Gather" to bring up the World Map. The map will show sections. Players unlock each section as they level up. Each section holds items needed to fill the Arcane Airship for its next journey. Tap on the location where you want to gather the item. You will see a list of items that are available to your level. You will need a dragon that matches the traits of that item to gather it. Select the dragon to send it gathering. The amount you are eligable to gather at once varies with the dragon's level. Each item has a cost and a time to gather it. Gathering multiple items will multiply the time and cost.
  2. Buy and Sell From Sylvia's Trading Post. Tap on Sylvia's Trading Post to bring up three trading options:
  • My Market where players can shop for items other players have offered for sale. It is advisable to know what you are looking for before you begin as things move in and out of the market rapidly. When you see an item you want, tap on it. Tapping an item takes you to the trading player's market.
  • Shop the World where you can sell items you have in storage. Tap "Create Sale" then the item, quantity, your sale price and advertise. 
  • Shop Friends where you can trade exclusively with your DVW friends. 

See Trading for more on using the Market.

Gathering to fill the Arcane Airship: Tap on the Arcane Airship, then tap on a needed item for the next Airship trip. From there you have a choice. Tap the "Go Gathering" button to send a dragon off to gather the item. Or tap on the "Fill Order" button to use an already gathered item from storage.  

Gathering Items by Zone

Image Item name Level Gathering Cost Gathering Time Traits Minimum Selling Price  Default Selling Price  Maximum Selling Price
Lava Orb 5 310 23m 45s Icon FireIcon Jungle 155 542 929
Fire Sand 5 654 43m 19s Icon FireIcon Earth 16 989 1,962
Jungle Loam 6 3,058 2h 17m 8s Icon JungleIcon Earth 1,529 5,352 9,175
Spice Flower 13 9,837 1h 42m 38s Icon FireIcon EarthIcon Jungle 4,919 17,215 29,511
Sigil Stone 29 68,712 2h 39m 21s Icon Ancient 34,356 120,246 206,137

Image Item name Level Gathering Cost Gathering Time Traits Minimum Selling Price  Default Selling Price  Maximum Selling Price
Volatile Orb 5 1,586 1h 15m 19s Icon FrozenIcon Fire 793 2,776 4,759
Frozen Vine 7 8.126 5h 3m 2s Icon FrozenIcon Jungle 4,063 14,220 24,378
Icy Soil 8 4,356 2h 50m 31s Icon FrozenIcon Earth 2,178 7,622 13,067
Ashen Orb 10 5,417 1h 53m 19s Icon WaterIcon Fire 2,708 9,479 16,250
Foggy Dew 11 7,128 1h 45m 3s Icon WaterIcon Jungle 3,564 12,474 21,385
Strange Seashell 12 8,012 1h 42m Icon WaterIcon Earth 4,006 14,021 24,036
Icy Orb 13 9,837 1h 42m 38s Icon WaterIcon Frozen 4,919 17,215 29,511
Beach Wood 17 21,845 2h 20m 49s Icon EarthIcon FrozenIcon Water 10,923 38,229 65,536
Petrified Water 30 75,463 2h 47m 31s Icon Sunken 37,732 132,060 226,389

Image Item name Level Gathering Cost Gathering Time Traits Minimum Selling Price  Default Selling Price  Maximum Selling Price
Lucky Orb 15 12,023 1h 53m 38s Icon FairyIcon Fire 6,011 21,039 36,068
Cheeky Flower 16 14,405 2h 4m 41s Icon FairyIcon Jungle 7,203 25,209 43,215
Sunrise Dew 18 29,519 2h 44m 4s Icon FairyIcon Earth 14,760 51,659 88,558
Rose Amethyst 19 42,733 3h 18m 6s Icon FairyIcon Frozen 21,366 74,782 128,198
Mini Vortex 21 80,191 5h 31m 46s Icon FairyIcon Water 40,096 140,334 240,573
Stone Spiral 25 62,910 2h 48m 23s Icon FireIcon EarthIcon Fairy 31,455 110,093 188,731
Rainbow Cauldron 31 99,332 3h 20s Icon Rainbow 49,666 173,831 297,997

Image Item name Level Gathering Cost Gathering Time Traits Minimum Selling Price  Default Selling Price  Maximum Selling Price
Blazing Orb 20 56,120 4h 9m 34s Icon AirIcon Fire 28,060 98,210 168,361
Palm Frond 23 55,194 3h 30m 15s Icon AirIcon Jungle 27,597 96,589 165,581
Dust Cloud 24 56,973 3h 4m 15s Icon AirIcon Earth 28,486 99,702 170,918
Clouded Orb 25 62,910 2h 48m 23s Icon AirIcon Frozen 31,455 110,093 188,731
Cloud Puff 26 63,980 2h 39m 16s Icon AirIcon Water 31,990 111,965 191,941
Shimmering Orb 27 68,154 2h 35m 11s Icon AirIcon Fairy 34,077 119,270 204,463
Fairy Dew 30 75,463 2h 47m 31s Icon FairyIcon FrozenIcon Air 37,732 132,060 226,389


• In Update 1.13.0, the gathering item, Faceted Crystals, had it's name changed to Rose Amethyst.

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