Glenn Yuri is a non-playable character in DragonVale World.

Glenn Yuri was first mentioned in the Exploration Extravaganza event as a significant part of the story behind the event.

Prior Mentioning


Glenn Yuri is mentioned in various content descriptions prior to her having a purpose which progressed the game.

The North Dragon hails from the unexplored regions of The Surface beyond Silverfalls Gorge. As an Ancient-type dragon, the North Dragon is exceedingly difficult to find; you can thank the wizard explorer Glenn Yuri for the discovery! Without the flight power of his supermagical ship, we wouldn't be able to witness such a stellar dragon up close. Just look at those wings! Your visitors just might go loony with delight.
  — Game Description (North Dragon

Hailing from the unexplored expanses of The Surface's southern realms, the South Dragon is well-suited to hot, dry climates. To ensure this heat-loving dragon would be comfortable on its return journey, the explorer wizard Glenn Yuri crafted a special in-flight habitat on his supermagical ship. To this day, he's still cleaning sand out of the cracks, but it was worth it!
  — Game Description (South Dragon

As a dragon with an Ancient trait, the East Dragon is understandably shy. Out in the far reaches of the world beyond the Glimmerverse, this dragon must have kept to itself for the last thousand years since witches and wizard explorer Glen Yuri several handfuls of dragon treats to coax the East Dragon out of hiding, but they became fast friends once the dragon had eaten its fill.
  — Game Description (East Dragon

The imposing West Dragon only looks fierce - in fact, this friendly fellow's built-in armor serves as protection against the bristling winds of the lands west of the Zephyrlands. This is fortunate for the West Dragon, as the wandering wizard Glenn Yuri literally stumbled over it in his explorations. Neither Glenn nor the dragon came to harm (except maybe for Glenn's dignity).
  — Game Description (West Dragon


During the Exploration Extravaganza event, Glenn Yuri would walk around a player's park and could be tapped on a few times throughout the day to earn Magical Essence if a gift box was above his head.

Arrival Date Departure Date
December 8, 2016 January 10, 2017

The Exploration Extravaganza

During the Exploration Extravaganza event players were able to find Glenn Yuri for Magical Essence.

Each time the player found Glenn Yuri he/she would receive 20 Magical Essence.

In order to find Glenn Yuri players had to carefully look over the main NPC expansion.



Possible References

  • Glenn Yuri's first name "Glenn" is from John Glenn who was the first America astronaut to orbit the Earth, was a senator, and went back to space at age 77 so NASA could study how space affects older people.
  • Glenn Yuri's last name "Yuri" is from Yuri Gargarin who was a Cosmonaut and the first human to enter outer space.

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