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Current Glitches

  • Curious Visitors: Some visitors will wander off into the wilderness of an expansion not yet purchased. You won't be able to collect any rewards from them until they move out of the area.
  • Zooming Glitch: When zooming into various objects and certain parts of mountains in the game, the camera will be able to penetrate through the object, being able to see through it. Prior to version 1.5.0, this was most significant when zooming into the mountain behind the plaza, being able to see glitched graphics (tho this is mostly patched, there is still a spot where this glitch still exists. This also applies to a few spots in the mountains in the far back of the island)
  • Just one more look: After buying the advertised items in a players market and leave, if you quickly select the sold item, you will be transferred back to that players market.
  • Loading Crash: When loading your park for the first time since opening the app, sometimes, many items will try to load at once, resulting in the park crashing, then being sent to the main menu. The park will load again without any crashes the second time. One way to avoid this is by quickly moving the camera away from the objects, then slowly moving it back, allowing them to load better.
  • Rainbow Dragon Glitch: Sometimes, when a Rainbow Dragon is walking in a Level 1 Rainbow Habitat, his body will appear to be penetrating through a section of the habitat.
  • Selecting Glitch 1: Sometimes, when you select a building, then very quickly select another building, the building will appear to be selected, either no hud will appear, or the hud of the previously selected building will be present. This bug usually works better in a lower FPS enviornment.
  • Selecting Glitch 2: Same rules as above, but do it while your park is loading up, and sometimes, the hud's of the 2 buildings with the exception for the name of the currently selected building will be merged together either partially or full.
  • Positioning Glitch: When 2 dragons are in the same position, they will appear to be penetrating each other as if no dragon was there. This glitch is likely here to stay, unless BackFlip Studios develops a detection radius for the Dragon AI.
  • Breeding Glitch: Sometimes, when a baby dragon breeds in the Epic Breeding Island, it will appear to be walking, but not actually moving.
  • Tapping Glitch 1: Sometimes, when rapidly tapping the screen of the game, one finger tap will still be registered on the screen as if you are holding on to it, allowing you to zoom in and out of your park with one finger. This is most noticeable when collecting from your Farm Plots in a low FPS enviornment.
  • Tapping Glitch 2: Sometimes, when rapidly tapping the left and right side of the screen, the debug menu will show up, even without doing the traditional method. This is caused by your right finger tapping again while the previous right and left tap are still registered. The lower the FPS, the more likely this glitch will occur.
  • Get me out of here 2: Sometimes, when attempting to purchase a sale that just got sold to another player, all buttons including the options button will stop working, but you are able to scroll through the players market. The only way to fix this is by restarting the game.
  • Market Glitch: When visiting a players market, and they are currently active in their market, the market will jitter, making navigation within their market a little more difficult.
  • Farm Collecting Glitch: In rare scenarios, the leaf icon indicating that the crop is ready to collect will not work, but tapping the crop itself will collect it.
  • Tile Glitch: When selecting a tile, then deselect it, the tile will still appear to be selected, and will go infront of any decorations that are suppose to be behind it. Fixable by selecting another building.
  • Animated Glitch 1: One of the trees within the Extra Large Forest Grouping obstacle or decoration has an unusual stretching glitch on the top triangle.
  • Invisible Items: On very rare occasions, when selecting items to put up for sale, some of the displayed items won't show up, until you tap on the empty box. Sometimes, when scrolling out, then coming back, the items become invisible again, and sometimes, doing it again can result in those items becoming visible again, but other items invisible.
  • No price glitch: Sometimes, when putting up items for sale, and when the automated 1-day old item sale deal shows up, the prices of some items won't load.
  • Shore Dragon Hatching Glitch: The shore dragon leaves the nest to do its hatching animation when it appears to partially float on air.
  • Dragon Breath Spell Glitch: Select a spell, wait for the dragon to start exhaling, then deselect the spell. The breath particles will last a few seconds longer while the dragon is doing its standing still animation.*
  • Vanished to Eternity:When purchasing items in Silvia's Trading Post, a purchase will process before receiving the item. Leaving the shop will result you in not receiving the item and not even purchasing it. The item will be marked as sold as if you bought it. This glitch is most noticeable when purchasing from a friends shop. The player will receive the DragonCash from the sold item that actually did not get sold, while the attempted buyer never receives the item, nor even purchases it. The purchase will still process when leaving the players shop and browsing the other shops, but you will not be able to enter another players shop until the purchase gets processed.


  • Part of the Rainbows Dragon's face and body can't be seen as its pierced through its own habitat.
  • Building Select Glitch of Sebastian's Snackery and the Plant Habitat.
  • Building Select Glitch attempt 1 with partially merged hud.
  • Building Select Glitch attempt 2 with fully merged hud.
  • ItemSelectionGlitch1.png 2 item are not being displayed, until you tap on them.
  • SaleGlitch1.png No price tags? Are they free? Did someone buy them?
  • ShoreDragonGlitch1.png I'm partially floating on air!
  • This Red Rainbow likes to play fetch.



  • Debug Screen: If you touch one finger in the left third of the screen, then two on the right third (first the left one, then the two on the right) and hold them at the same time, watch what happens!
    • Note: This is not actually a glitch, as it is a diagnostic tool within the game.