Magical Essence was collected in the Exploration Extravaganza so they could be traded at the Extravaganza Headquarters.

Players were given an opportunity to find magical essence during normal game play by performing everyday activities. The amount of magical essence received by doing those activities multiple times gradually decreased throughout the day, but they returned to their higher earning rates at the beginning of the next cycle.

Magical Essence Prices

Magical Essence can be purchased for:

Finding Magical Essence

Magical Essence per Action

Action Magical essence template Reward
Feed Dragon 1 level 1
Collect from Habitat 2
Harvest a farm plot 5
Clear Obstacle 5
Complete one crate in Airship 15
Send off full airship 250
Collect completed gathering 20
Buy items from Silvia's Trading Post 10
Sell items on Silvia's Trading post 10
Find Glenn Yuri 20
Hatch a Dragon 25
Giving a gem to a friend 30
Mini Games - Wheel of Win 40 or 200
Mini Games - Coin Drop 10 to 50
Adventuring - $1 30
Adventuring - #2 100
Adventuring - #3 250


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