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This content is from Dragonvale World Beta. But exists for historical purposes.

Mega dragons were not its own element, but rather seem to be a sort of rarity.

You were able to achieve the Mega rarity by collecting artifacts to get the whole collection. Then, players turned the collection in to a Mega Stone in the Wizard Halls "Artifact Set" tab.

The Mega Stone is a type of treat and will be used in a Spell that you cast on your dragon.

By collecting treats in the different location Islands you can get the chance to win artifacts by spinning a wheel. The artifacts can be sold and bought in the Market.


The reward wheel prior to update 1.3.

Different locations will produce different artifacts.

Dragon name Image Collection Found on Island Original name of stone Name of stone since 1.4
Mega Flytrap
Fly Artifact Collection Brightleaf Jungle Flytrap Mega Stone Pitcher
Rock Artifact Collection Switchgrass Desert Canyon Mega Stone
Mega Mineral
Stone Artifact Collection Darklight Caverns Mineral Mega Stone
Mega Gossamer
Silk Artifact Collection Glimmerverse Gossamer Mega Stone