Non Player Characters (NPCs) are special named characters that can be found in your Park. They are in charge of different parts of Park Management and often give out goals you can complete for gems


The oldest and wisest Wizard, Gwiddion guards the legends of the Surface. Just beware if you get him talking, he knows enough to last a lifetime.

Titles: The Great Nogard, Aspiring Crazy Old Wizard, Breaker of Timelines

Appearance: Gwiddion is an old wizard. He wears a big red hat and an orange tunic. He walks around with a carved wooden staff.


Eloni is in charge of the Nursery and gives quests to do with hatching new species.

Appearance: Eloni is a tall, bald man of Islander descent. He wears a teal tunic and has tribal tattoos on his arms.


Lillian is the local "Lorebrarian" and is in charge of keeping the Dragonarium up to date with new dragons and breeding hints. She also organises the trading runs on the Arcane Airship.

Appearance: Lillian is a short red-haired witch. She wears a big purple hat and blue cape and can be seen waling around carrying her book.


Silvia runs the Trading Post

Appearance: Silvia is a black-haired woman of Romani/Latino? decent. She wears a red and purple Bohemian style dress.

Sebastian Souffle

Master of his craft and sole proprietor of Sebastian's Snackery, this culinary wizard is the titan of tantalising dragon treats. His favourite dish is Surface Quash Soup. He tends to the crops planted in the farms.

Appearance: Sebastian is a thin man of African American decent. He has a short beard and wears a red chef's apron and chef's cap.

Gretchen Lathe

With a smile on her face and a hammer in-hand, Gretchen is the Surface's "Habitat builder extraordinaire". This workaholic witch is loyal, likeable and great to have around, especially when you need to move heavy stuff. Her favourite habitat is the Fairy Habitat. Gretchen is in charge of park maintenance and she gives out goals to to with decorating and upgrading habitats and buildings.

Appearance: Gretchen is a tall, muscular blond woman. She wears a green shirt and a wide brimmed leather hat. She is depicted in the goals screen with an huge hammer.



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